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Wanhao Duplicator D9 500 MK2

Wanhao Duplicator D9 500 MK2

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Wanhao Duplicator D9 MARK2 500

Talking about standing on the shoulders of giants, the D9 500 combines multiple proven technologies into a large format, Cartesian monster! You can now pre-order the D9 500 MK2 today for your engineering, educational or industrial use. 

A Feature-rich Experience is Guaranteed!

The D9 500 is equipped with a four-point levelling system that ensures your struggles with levelling a print bed comes to an end. Added to this is an intuitive touchscreen and a steel bolt locking frame which gives you great control and enhanced stability while printing. The D9 500 is capable of printing a diverse number of materials making it a versatile 3D printer for producing high-quality prints.

An Intuitive Extruder System

The D9 500 is equipped with an MK10 extruder with a metal hot end that supports high-precision levels. The hot end is capable of producing temperatures of 300C

Four-point Bed Levelling System

The D9 500 is equipped with a four-point levelling system which eliminates common first layer problems. It also easily solves the issue of recalibrating the print bed after each print.

Monster-sized 3D Printer

The build area of the D9 500 is 500x500x500mm. This provides more than enough space for printing larger conceptual models in one go!

Pre-Order the Wanhao Duplicator D9 500 MK2 Today!

You can pre-order the D9 500 today and get it delivered to your door step in record time with no hassles! Our price match policy also means that you can get the D9 500 at the cheapest rate you can find once the set terms and conditions are met.

Technical Specifications
Primary attributes of the technology PLA printer, entrance level printer. Full assembled. Developped from Prusa i3.
Software CURA, host by Repitator, Simplify 3D
Extruder system MK10 extruder with full metal hot end
Material support PLA, PVA, PEVA, PLA, Nylon, Any material melting<=300’C
Max printable area 300*300*400mm/ 400*400*400mm/ 500*500*500mm
Filament diameter/light 1.75mm
Max printing speed 70mm/s
Case Material Aluminum Case
With Insulate cover or not Insulate Tent Available
Insulate Tent Available 1
Accuracy X 0.012mm
Y 0.012mm
Z 0.004mm
Net Weight(kg) 20kg
Gross Weight(kg) 22kg
Material cost USD12-34
Bed leveling 4 Points leveling
Packing size(cm) 60*50*35cm
Plateform Holder Steel frame holder
Rail locking system Steel bolt locking frame
Layer Thickness 100 micron- 400 micron
Plateform Aluminium plateform W/ heating,
Resume printing Can resume printing after power break
LCD display English/Chinese/ customrized any language
Power supply unit Inside 110 AND 250V(optional), 50/60Hz, 4.0A (input), and takes standard IEC cable
Typical application •A perfect printer for educators who intend to use the printers in technical educatioin.
•Great printer for DIY hobbist.