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ePEEK - 1.75mm eSUN PEEK Filament - 0.25 kg In stock

Brand: eSUN Ships from: Canada
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SKU: eSunePEEK175

Best print temperature:

Base temperature: 90~150℃

- 1.75mm
- 2.85mm

- ePEEK is a semi-crystalline polymer with high heat resistance;
- Can maintain high wear resistance under 250°C, low friction coefficient, can with stand 315°C in a short time;
- The toughness and alternating stress’s fatigue resistance are the most in plastic materials, comparable to alloy materials;
- Chemical resistance and flame retardancy are excellent, with the resistance to radiation;
- High strength, high fracture toughness and excellent stability;
- Good self-lubrication, stable insulation, hydrolysis resistance.

- 0.5kg/spool,16Spools/ctn
- 2.7KG/spool,4 Spools/ctn

Aerospace, military equipment, nuclear power, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors and other fields.