• 3D Printer Maintenance Check and 22 point Inspection

3D Printer 20 Point Inspection and report

Are you unsure how to complete a throughout inspection of your 3D printer?
Not sure if your printer is running optimally?

Preventative maintenance inspection and report on your 3D printer is what you are looking for.

The following items will be inspected and reported on based on our years of experience of troubleshooting 3D Printers

  1. Inspect operation of fans and cooling system, Report on condition of fans
  2. Check Hot end wiring for signs of fatigue
  3. Check Bed wiring for signs of fatigue
  4. Verify Squareness of the frame and proper tension and torque of bolts
  5. Verify V-Wheels / linear bearing on X-Axis
  6. Check X gantry for level operation and excessive wear
  7. Verify V-Wheels / linear bearing Y-Axis
  8. Check Y Gantry for Square and Parallel operation
  9. Check Bed springs (if equipped) for excessive wear or loss of tension
  10. Lubricate and verify operation of Z-axis
  11. Clean and verify operation of Auto Bed levelling sensor
  12. Clean all dust and debris from the case Power supply and all fans
  13. Verify the Voltage output of power supply under load
  14. Verify Vref on Stepper drivers
  15. Calibrate X, Y, and Z-axis for proper step operation
  16. Verify proper temp operation through PID tuning, hot-end
  17. Verify proper temp operation through PID tuning, heated bed
  18. Inspection of hot-end for proper operation and volumetric measurement
  19. Verify proper power supply grounding against the frame
  20. Verify firmware level is protecting for Thermal runaway
  21. Clean and verify proper operation of the Filament guide path and Gears
  22. Print Calibration object and verify the quality of the resulting print
This is an in Store Service
Please call ahead and book your appt
24Hr turn around to have your printer back in your hands






3D Printer Maintenance Check and 22 point Inspection


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