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Clear - 1.75mm Taulman T-Lyne Filament - 1 lb In stock

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1.75mm , clear , transparent

It is a unique new flexible polyethylene copolymer which is clear in color. It can withstand different temperature ranges, and you can achieve glass-like aesthetics while printing between 180-242C. The clarity of T-lyne allows the user to make adjustments to the printed parts as it allows one to see 5-8 perimeters through the parts. For this reason, it has been used in clinics for making polyethylene braces and temporary casts.

T-lyne is made up of DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer which meets the FDA requirement to be used in manufacturing prosthetics. The Surlyn ionomers are used to coat golf balls and bowling pins to protect them from extreme abuse. T-lyne prints easily on both cold and warm (40C) surfaces including glass, Gecko Tek, PEI, acrylic, Build Tak and borosilicate glass.

It is available in two different diameters of 1.75mm and 2.85mm, and it is solvent in Tetrahydrofuran. It is also approved by the FDA for direct food contact.

Manufacture Part ID tly1/tly3
HS Code 3916.9
Printing Temperature 185C-242C
Melting Temperature 110
Tg Glass transition NA
Pyrolysis - Thermal degradation 282
Non-Destructive Evaluation Yes
Print-Bed Temp 60C Max
Ambient Temp (Enclosure) None
Nominal Diameter (3mm Maximum Dia) 1.75mm/2.85mm
Weight /spool 1kg/1lb
Nominal Length/spool (In Feet) 700/520
Shrinkage - in/in 0.0033
Solvent/Glue Tetrahydrofuran
Tensile Stress "PSI" when 3D Printed 4,496
Ultimate Elongation when 3D Printed 300.00%
Modulus "PSI" when 3D Printed 71068
Opacity 91%
Reflectivity TBD
Color Natural
FDA - Direct Food Contact Yes
FDA Direct Drink Contact Yes
UL Flammability
UL 94 HB None
UL 94 V2 at 1.5 mm thickness None
Surface texture N/A
Living Hinge Very good
Use of Taps for threads Poor
CNC finish tooling N/A
CNC Coolant N/A
Use in 3D Forging N/A
Printed Prosthesis N/A
Robotic Assemblies N/A
Jewelry Printing N/A
Fumes None
Lenticulated overlays. N/A
Dye type N/A
Dye Uptake (Saturation) N/A
Specifications are subject to change