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Dark Yellow - 2.85mm TPE Filament - 0.5 kg

Dark Yellow - 2.85mm TPE Filament - 0.5 kg

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This category of 3d printing filament feels just like rubber. TPE is a copolymer which means it has both elastic and plastic properties. TPE filaments are used in prototypes which need parts that require bending or flexibility.

The layer to layer adhesion is impressive in elastomer TPE, so there are minimal chances that your print will separate after cooling.

It is heavily used in commercial applications such as automotive parts, medical supplies, shoe soles, weather sealing for doors and windows, electrical insulation, smartphone covers, and wristbands.

It has good weather, ozone, and UV resistance.

This extremely flexible 3D printing filament will allow you to create prints which have properties of a soft rubber, making it even more elastic than PLA. Since it is quite flexible, speed needs to be slow during the printing process because these filaments can bind to the extruder. The printing temperature needs to be between 225-235C.

TPE is not soluble, but it is ideal for making toys, novelty items, belts, caps, bumpers, etc.

Physical Nominal Value (English) Nominal Value (SI) Test Method
Specific Gravity 0.950 to 1.10 0.948 to 1.10 g/cm³ ASTM D792
Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) (200°C/5.0 kg) 20 g/10 min 20 g/10 min ASTM D1238
Mechanical Nominal Value (English) Nominal Value (SI) Test Method
Tensile Modulus 300 psi 2.07 MPa ASTM D412
Taber Abrasion Resistance
1000 Cycles, H-18 Wheel

110 mg

110 mg
ASTM D1044
Elastomers Nominal Value (English) Nominal Value (SI) Test Method
Tensile Strength (Yield) 1600 psi 11.0 MPa ASTM D412
Tensile Elongation (Break) 600 % 600 % ASTM D412
Tear Strength3 335 lbf/in 58.7 kN/m ASTM D624
Hardness Nominal Value (English) Nominal Value (SI) Test Method
Durometer Hardness (Shore A) 80 80 ASTM D2240
Injection Nominal Value (English) Nominal Value (SI)
Rear Temperature 175 °F 79.4 °C
Middle Temperature 410 °F 210 °C
Front Temperature 440 °F 227 °C
Nozzle Temperature 455 °F 235 °C
Injection Pressure 500 to 700 psi 3.45 to 4.83 MPa
Injection Rate Fast Fast
Back Pressure 50.0 psi 0.345 MPa
Screw Speed 40 rpm 40 rpm
Injection Notes
Injection Time: 1 sec
Hold Time: 5 sec
Clamp Time: 7 sec
Cycle Time: 15 sec
Extrusion Nominal Value (English) Nominal Value (SI)
Drying Temperature 158 to 176 °F 70.0 to 80.0 °C
Drying Time 2.0 to 4.0 hr 2.0 to 4.0 hr
Cylinder Zone 1 Temp. 175 °F 79.4 °C
Cylinder Zone 2 Temp. 375 °F 191 °C
Cylinder Zone 3 Temp. 375 °F 191 °C
Cylinder Zone 4 Temp. 375 °F 191 °C
Cylinder Zone 5 Temp. 375 °F 191 °C
Melt Temperature 375 to 475 °F 191 to 246 °C
Die Temperature 455 °F 235 °C