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Dust'N'Print Powder Pouch - Print Bed Adhesive - CLEARANCE In stock

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Dust’N’Print was born one day when a group of four friends sharing a passion for 3D printing technology decided to put their minds and energy together to make 3D printing technology more robust, affordable, eco friendly and safe for the general public. Our first hurdle was to consistently print good parts without having them warp (i.e., ABS) or breaking them while removing them from the printer bed (i.e., PLA).

As a result, we spent several years experimenting and tinkering until we developed the best solution available to mankind: the Dust’N’Print 3D Printer Bed Adhesive. The Dust’N’Print is the only 3D Printer Bed Adhesive that is one hundred percent natural and water soluble. It is safe for you to use and safe for the environment as well.

The Dust’N’Print adhesive technology uses heat and is therefore intended to be used with a heated printer bed. The Dust’N’Print adhesion is activated by heat and holds your part on the bed so it does not warp (i.e., ABS, TPU, PETG, Nylon, PC, PP). Once the print is done and the bed cools down, the adhesion force stops and the part can be easily removed by hand (i.e., PLA).