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Fuchsia - 1.75mm Select PLA - 1 kg

Fuchsia - 1.75mm Select PLA - 1 kg

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Our Select PLA is made from NatureWorks Ingeo 4043D plastic is definitely one of the best choices available to you. This is due to its biodegradability and the quality it brings to your 3D prints. Its base material, the Ingeo 4043D, is made up of plant-based polymers which will give your 3D prints the durability, unique feel, colour uniformity and quality you desire.

NatureWorks standard Ingeo PLA is also 100% biodegradable and can be recycled for other uses or utterly decomposed without harm to the environment. It can be printed using any 3D printer capable of printing PLA while using standard PLA settings.

Property Standard* IngeoTM
Maximum Tensile Strength, MPa ASTM D638 41
Tensile Strength at Yield, MPa ASTM D638 37
Tensile Modulus, GPa ASTM D638 3.2
Tensile Elongation, % ASTM D638 1.8
Notched Impact, J/m ASTM D256 26
*All test specimen were 3D printed to more accurately represent expected usage