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Natural - 1.75mm Taulman 645 Nylon Filament - 1 lb Out of stock

Brand: Taulman3D Ships from: Canada
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SKU: Taulman645Nylon175Naturallb

Nylon 645 is the established industry standard for high strength and durability, 3D printing. More than 60 corporations are already using this material for their most demanding designs.

It is unique because there is no de-lamination. The layer to layer bonding is impressive at the right temperature. We know the molded parts are susceptible to splitting at right angle transitions, but compared to ABS and PLA, this does a far superior job.

Nylon 645 delivers a beautiful finish, and it can be used to print models which are directly supplied to the consumer. Be careful of using any water-based solvents as Nylon 645 will take on some of the solvents and become discolored permanently.

It comes in 1lb and 20lb spools, and it is transparent white. Although it is 20% less pliable than nylon 618, it still maintains the slippery features of nylon.