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Natural - 2.85mm 3D Fuel Dyna-Purge 3D Clean PLA - 35ct

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Use Between Materials, Colors

Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ is designed to purge all resins used in 3D printing. It is easy to use for color changes, material changes and for preventive machine maintenance.

Safe To Use

Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ is a non-chemical, non-abrasive thermoplastic purging compound that is safe for both operator and machine.


In the injection molding and extrusion industries, Dyna-Purge is the purging compound that plastics professionals know and trust for the cleaning and maintenance of their equipment.

Packing Information: 50 Sticks (1.75mm) or 35 Sticks (2.85mm) of 8-inch Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ plastic filament arrives in a tube with a desiccant packet to keep out any moisture.

Print Settings

Use Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ at 230 C, unless the material that is being purged out requires a higher temperature.

In stock

Natural - 2.85mm 3D Fuel Dyna-Purge 3D Clean PLA - 35ct is currently unavailable and will be restocked soon!

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