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Natural - 2.85mm Taulman PCTPE Nylon Filament - 1 lb In stock

Brand: Taulman3D Ships from: Canada
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SKU: TaulmanPCTPENylon285Naturallb

Plasticized Copolyamide TPE has several unique features which allow users to print a highly flexible prototype which has proven performance. It has a printing temperature of 235-242C.

PCTPE has a superior layer to layer bonding which allows single perimeter walls to be folded along the thread axis without delamination or separation. It takes on any acid-base color dye extremely fast 5mins@140F. It can also be coated with an acid-based antimicrobial filament for footwear and prosthetics.

It has been widely used by 3D printing hobbyists to design complete cosplay wearable outfits, as well as mobile phone covers and even highly flexible industrial parts.

The flexible properties of this printing material allow the cosplay outfits to have a lustrous texture and the additional flexibility due to the rubber-like TPE helps the outfit to flow with body movements.