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Red - 1.75mm Nefila HIPS - 1 kg In stock

Brand: Nefilatek Ships from: Canada
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SKU: NefilaHIPS175Red1kg

Nefila HIPS blue is a filament made with 98% of plastics recycled from window frames and thermoformed sheets used by different industries in Montreal. The filament is made with HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) which allows impact and heat resistant 3D printings. These printing parameters are similar to ABS and almost all 3D printers are compatible with Nefila HIPS (An heating bed is mandatory).

It is a good alternative to ABS, it is easier to print and it presents less wrapping when the 3D printer is placed inside an enclosure.

Printing Parameters :

Nozzle Temp: 240 – 250 °C
Bed Temp: 105 – 115 °C (With Enclosure)
Cooling Fan: 35%                                                                                           
Print speed: 20 – 100 mm/s

Packaging :

Not only our filament is eco-friendly, our packaging too. We designed our spool support inspired by the “Master Spool” that is manufactured locally from recycled material. For sending we pack the spool under vacuum with a desiccant pack to protect the filament from humidity.

You can print your Nefila spool (support) with your printer by clicking on this link :