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Wanhao Duplicator D5S - FLOOR MODEL

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With a huge build volume of 295x195x590mmm the Wanhao D5S printer is excellent for building tall structures.

This printer is super fast (300mm/sec) with its own unique software and prints at 300mm/s. So, you can take any large object and slice it 3 times faster than any other printer.

Wanhao keeps on improving its technology and quality, and it has made sure that the D5S printer is the quietest one in the market.

The design itself is sleek with a hint of blue color, a welcome change from all the other Wanhao printers which all have grey/silver color.

It has a build volume of about 34 liters and can print from a USB or SD card. It reaches up to 300mm/sec printing speeds and is designed specifically for industrial or expert level use.


General Property
Interface SD or USB2.0
Max Printing Object Size 295*195*575mm
Extruder Anti-Jam Queen
X,Y Axis Positioning Resolution 0.01mm
Layer thickness Minimal 0.02mm
X,Y axis max speed 5000mm/minute
Z axis positioning resolution 0.005mm
Z axis max speed 1000mm/minute
Software Wanhao maker
Printing Material PLA 3.0mm
Input power 110V-220V
Frame Extreme XV Rock Steel structure
Input format STL,
Output format *.I
Noise 48 decibel during printing
Product dimension 455*415*810mm
Packing dimension 570*530*910mm
GrossWeight 39 kg
Material Support PLA 3 mm
Material Size 3.0mm filaments
Material size requirement 3.0+-0.1mm
Temperature Sensor thermocouple temperature sensors
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