• Watterott TMC2130 Stepper Driver


  • Drive capability up to 1.2A (RMS) continuous coil current
  • Step/Dir interface with up to 256 microsteps
  • SPI interface or CFG pins for configuration
  • Motor supply voltage: 5.5...45V
  • Logic supply voltage: 3.3...5V
  • RSense: 0.11 Ohm
  • Components on the bottom for better heat dissipation
  • stealthChop - for quiet operation and smooth motion
  • spreadCycle - highly dynamic motor control chopper
  • coolStep - current control for energy savings
  • stallGuard - sensorless motor load detection

This stepper driver is capable of SENSORLESS HOMING. 

Please note, Watterott heatsinks are sold separately.

Watterott TMC2130 Stepper Driver

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