• Traffic Black - 1.75mm Spectrum GreenyHT PLA Filament - 1 kg
  • Traffic Black - 1.75mm Spectrum GreenyHT PLA Filament - 1 kg


High durability & rough surface

PLA is invariably the most popular among users of FDM technology due to its extraordinary ease of printing. A disadvantage of conventional PLA-based filaments is their relatively low thermal resistance, often reaching 50–60°C for non-crystallised prints, significantly limiting their practical use.

As a result of months of implementation testing, we have developed a new Spectrum GreenyHT™ filament based on high-performance biopolymer with a softening temperature (VICAT) of up to 100°C and thermal resistance (HDT B) of up to 90°C. In addition to improving the thermal properties, we also wanted not to deviate from the original mechanical characteristics of the plastic, which is why Spectrum GreenyHT™ does not contain plasticisers. Furthermore, in terms of rigidity and hardness, it significantly outperforms classic PLA grades.

Despite the modifications, Spectrum GreenyHT™ remains fully biodegradable and compostable under industrial conditions as defined by EN 13432. Its bio-base is derived from GMO-free sources. The material also meets the conditions for food contact (for more information, see the food-contact section of the material’s technical data sheet).

In addition, visually, Spectrum GreenyHT™ filament is distinguished by surface roughness. The surface irregularity and matt look effectively mask the layers, significantly enhancing the aesthetic value of the printed models.

Spectrum GreenyHT™ filament is intended for users who demand ease of printing, delivered with enhanced thermal resistance, high rigidity and a matt, rough finish.

Traffic Black - 1.75mm Spectrum GreenyHT PLA Filament - 1 kg

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