BigRep Industrial Large-format 3D Printers

BigRep Industrial Large-format 3D Printers for your business!

BigRep industrial-grade large-format 3D printers are recognized for their cutting-edge technology and robust capabilities. These printers excel in handling large-scale industrial projects with precision and efficiency, utilizing advanced additive manufacturing techniques. Offering a generous build volume and compatibility with a wide range of materials including engineering-grade thermoplastics, BigRep printers are ideal for applications in automotive, aerospace, and architecture. They are equipped with features such as heated print beds for optimal adhesion and a user-friendly interface for streamlined operation. BigRep printers empower professionals to achieve intricate designs and prototypes, setting new standards in industrial large-format 3D printing innovation.
  • BigRep Industrial Large-format 3D Printers
  • BigRep Industrial Large-format 3D Printers
  • BigRep Industrial Large-format 3D Printers

Why Choose BigRep Industrial Large-format 3D Printers?

Industrial-Scale 3D Printing Solutions

High-quality, large-format printers for diverse applications.

Innovative Technology and Materials

Advanced materials and cutting-edge technology for precision.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Dedicated assistance and service for optimal performance.

BigRep Large-format Additive Manufacturing Solutions


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BigRep benefits and features

  • Large Build Volume: Create massive parts up to 1m³ in size, ideal for full-scale prototypes and large models.

  • High Precision and Speed: Advanced motion control and Bosch servo motors ensure fast, accurate prints with high-resolution output.

  • Automated Features: Enjoy 24/7 production with auto bed leveling, filament handling, and extruder backup systems.

  • Material Versatility: Print with engineering-grade, carbon fiber-reinforced, and bio-polymers, supporting both BigRep and third-party filaments.

  • Dual Extrusion Technology: Utilize twin mode to print two identical parts simultaneously, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Remote Monitoring: Keep track of your prints via webcam from any device, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

  • Cost-Effective Production: Save significantly on labor and material costs compared to traditional manufacturing methods, with a quick return on investment.