Discount Program

Introducing 3D Printing Canada’s Educational and Strategic Discount Offers

The total cost of purchasing a 3D printer, 3D filaments, and all the relevant tools that makes 3D printing a success, can add up considerably over time. And for the management of certain organizations—schools, NGOs and co-creation hubs—these costs may be unattainable due to the budget you have to work with in your creativity departments. But before you weigh the opportunity costs of having a 3D printing lab and throw in the towel, the folks at 3D Printing Canada are here to make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Recognizing the budgeting difficulties Non-governmental organizations, public libraries, co-creation labs and the average school faces, 3D Printing Canada has created a dedicated discount program for you. The discount program covers the purchase of 3D printers, 3D filaments, Spare parts and training materials for organizations that fall into any of these categories:

  1. Schools
  2. NGOs
  3. Co-creation Hubs and
  4. Public Laboratories
  5. Educational Programs

3D Printing Canada Discount Packages

3D Printer Discounts—your organization can receive up to a 5 – 15 % discount on every 3D Printer you purchase from our stores depending on the brand and type chosen. This covers both desktop 3D printers and the more industrial ones available here.

3D Filament Discounts—we have on offer, all the types of filaments you can consider using for your 3D printing projects. These 3D filaments also come at a discount to make them more affordable for you. You can also consider purchasing 3D filaments in bulk at discounted price.

Discounts on 3D Printer Parts—purchasing parts for your 3D printer can be a hassle if you do not know where to look. At 3D Printing Canada, we offer you customized parts at affordable prices. You can also take advantage of our discount offer for our 3D printer parts.

Training Packages Discount—if in need of experienced personnel to get the ball rolling in your 3D printing lab, then these discounted training packages should be perfect for your organization. 

Join our trusted partner’s network and take advantage of these discounted packages by contacting us today!