• Capricorn Premium PTFE Bowden Tubing XS Series For 1.75mm (1m)

Capricorn Premium PTFE Bowden Tubing XS Series for (1.75mm)

The Capricorn Premium Bowden tubing is built from the synthetic polymer Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It takes the non-stick quality of PTFE and other qualities that make the Capricorn Premium XS Series tubing a safe bet. 

Great Flexibility and Highly Chemical Resistant

This 1.75mm Bowden tubing delivers high-performance and retains the flexibility of PTFE and this reduces wear and tear. The Bowden tubing is also resistant to chemicals and would not react negatively with any type of filament. Its very high melting point and low coefficient of friction enhances print speed. 

Helps Resolve Extrusion Problems

The Capricorn Bowden tubing XS series truly delivers a low coefficient of friction. This means that your filament easily moves through the tubing without loosing the force needed for extruding filament.
Tubing from the XS series also reduces the bending effects of pressure on the filament during extrusions. The pressure produced by the extrusion system sometimes bends your filament before it comes out of the hot end. But Capricorn Bowden tubing is machined to have a tight internal diameter which drastically reduces the filament’s bending during extrusions.

Capricorn Premium Bowden Tubing
Important Features of the XS Series Tubing
  • An inner diameter of 1.9mm
  • Perfectly roundness across the tubing's length
  • Treated with a friction-reducing addictive
  • Supports soft filament
  • To be used with only 1.75mm filament types.
Capricorn Premium Bowden Tubing

Capricorn Premium PTFE Bowden Tubing XS Series For 1.75mm (1m)

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