3D Printer Repairs

Get Back to Printing Faster with 3D Printing Canada’s Repair Services

Even if you take excellent care of your 3D printer, you’re not immune to an occasional need for repairs. With so many moving parts working hard, wear and tear is just part of the 3D printing process. Of course, you could do it yourself, but unless you’re an expert this can take a lot of time and trial and error. Why not make your life easier by having 3D Printing Canada fix your 3D printer?

As an industry leader in the Canadian market, we are one of the top providers of 3D printers, filaments, and 3D printer repairs in Canada. Whether you’re working with a professional or home-based printer, we have the supplies and expertise to get you back up and running quickly.

Our repair services include:

  • Clog fixes
  • Bed levelling
  • Firmware updates
  • Cleaning
  • Hot-end replacement
  • Nozzle swaps
  • And more!

If you know exactly what you need, we can get right to it. However, sometimes your 3D printer can produce stringy, low-quality prints- or even refuse to print anything at all -without it being clear what the cause is.

In these cases, we offer build and test troubleshooting and diagnostic services. In doing so, we have our experts identify the exact cause of your printer’s problems, fix whatever is necessary, and get you back to printing in no time. Overall, this helps to extend the longevity of your 3D printer and ensure you get a great print every time.

In need of a fix? Contact us and book an appointment!