November 7, 2020

NOTE: 3D Printing Canada reserves the right to modify, change, and update this policy at any time without notice.

About 3D Printing Canada

3D Printing Canada is the #1 3D printer, parts, and materials supplier in Canada. We provide our customers with services related to both professional and entry level 3D printers including maintenance, supplies and training. No matter if you are a business or an individual hobbyist, we cater to all needs. As a part of our services, we offer our clients a wide variety of printing hardware, components, and materials including: resins, ABS, Nylon, PLA, and fibre reinforced plastics.

3D Printing Canada’s goal is to ensure all customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases.

3D Printing Canada Return Policy

3D Printing Canada is proud to offer industry leading customer service and warranty services to all its customers.


This policy applies to all normally stocked goods available in-store and our online portal ONLY.

Special order items such as 3D prints, custom filament, etc. are non-refundable. Special order items may include items: 1) not listed on 3D Printing Canada’s website or 2) that are listed 3D Printing Canada’s website and indicate special order only. 

NOTE: All items purchased via Purchase Order are non-refundable.

Printers and Components

All printers and components purchased from 3D Printing Canada can be returned within 45 days of purchase for refund. Items must be in new condition with original packaging and accessories. We will not accept returns of products missing the serial number or UPC. 

All returned printers are inspected prior to issuing a refund. Any printers found to have been used or with components missing will be subjected to a minimum 25% restocking fee.

All costs of returning the printer to 3D Printing Canada is the responsibility of the customer.


3D Printing consumables and materials such as resins, FDM plastics, nozzles can be returned unopened within 15 days for in-store credit only.

Defective consumables may be returned to 3D Printing Canada for refund or store credit within 30 days. 3D Printing Canada tests and validates all returned materials as part of our Continuous Quality Improvement program. Tests may include printing small test prints which will consume some of the material returned. Materials found to be defective will be refunded in full.

If returned materials are not found to be defective, a refund will not be issued and the filament will be returned to the customer. Costs of returning the filament to the customer is the responsibility of the customer.

NOTE: 3D Printing Canada does not accept returns of any products sold by other vendors including but limited to any online retailer (Amazon, Bang Good, etc.), printers purchased directly from the manufacturer, or any other retailer.

3D Printing Canada Warranty

3D Printing Canada warranties all printers and components purchased from 3D Printing Canada for the first 30 days from the date of purchase. After the 30-day 3D Printing Canada warranty period, products are warrantied by any applicable manufacturer warranty policies. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify and understand the manufacturer’s warranty policies before initiating any warranty claims.

Some products sold directly by 3D Printing Canada are warrantied under a manufacturer's warranty program and may be eligible for repair by 3D Printing Canada.

NOTE: Under NO circumstances will any damage caused as a result of, but not limited to: user error, print settings, printer profile, bad material, firmware modification, or mechanical damage be warrantied by 3D Printing Canada or manufacturer’s warranty.

3D Printing Canada does not warranty any products sold by other vendors including but limited to any online retailer (Amazon, Bang Good, etc.), printers purchased directly from the manufacturer, or any other retailer. However, 3D Printing Canada may be able to offer paid repair service of printers or components sold by others. Contact customer service for more details. 

3D Printing Canada Extended Support Plan

Some products sold by 3D Printing Canada are offered with an exclusive 3D Printing Canada Extended Support Plan. This plan enables you to access our professional support team for after-sales service and support. The cost of the support plan is based on the value of the printer and calculated at checkout.

With or without a support plan, purchasing 3D printers from 3D Printing Canada always comes with access to our free public support forum and direct manufacturer warranty.


Which items can be repaired?

If your item appears to be defective more than 30 days after purchase, it might be eligible for the repair service. If your item is eligible for repair, you'll be offered this as an option after contacting 3D Printing Canada customer service. You'll be able to send or drop off the item directly to 3DPC for repair.

Note: It's very important that you back up any files and remove any sensitive information before sending an item for repair. 3D Printing Canada may not be able to repair your device and may have to replace components including components that may have information stored on them. You may also want to erase your saved personal information from the item.

In order to repair and return your item to you, 3D Printing Canada will need your contact and order details.

How long will the repair take?

When you send or drop off your item for repair, you'll receive a confirmation email once they receive it. The item will be inspected and the issue will be diagnosed. If the defect is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the item will be repaired per the manufacturer’s policy.

We strive to make repairs within 14 business days (including delivery time), but sometimes could take slightly longer depending on availability of technicians and parts.

How much will the repair cost?

Depending on the manufacturer, you may be required to pay for shipping to 3D Printing Canada for repair and the cost of returning the repaired printer back to you.

Also depending on the manufacturer and its warranty policy, the cost of the repair itself may be free of charge.

NOTE: The vast majority of Chinese vendors do not reimburse the cost of repairs but will replace components. In these cases, 3D Printing Canada will charge you for the repair time at our billable rate.

If the problem isn't covered by the manufacturer's warranty, or if the warranty has been voided (for example if the item has been damaged in any way), you'll be contacted by the repairer with a repair estimate. You can decide whether to ask the repairer to proceed with the repair at an additional cost, you can choose to have the item returned to you with a shipping charge.

What is the repair status of my item?

You can check the status of your repair by following the instructions in the repair confirmation email you receive, once one business day has passed since the creation of your label.

Methods of Support

3D Printing Canada offers several methods to support you.

Free Support Forum

All customers of 3D Printing Canada gain access to our 24 hour support forum at: COMING SOON 

Email Ticket Based Support System

Customers who pay for 3D Printing Canada Extended Support Plan at time of purchase will be provided access to one-on-one email support with our 3D printing technical experts within the agreed time frame of the support plan

Customers without an Extended Support Plan can still access our world class technical support team for a fee on a per incident basis.

In-Store Technician Fees

All fees shown do not include shipping or taxes.

Billable Tech Time

$125/hour, minimum 30 minute fee for diagnosis.