SLA/DLP (Resin) 3D Printing Services

Our SLA (stereolithography) and DLP (digital light processing) 3D printers use resin to build 3D prints. We typically recommend these technologies for complex prints, due to their ability to execute extremely detailed projects. Both technologies have recently become extremely popular in the 3D printing community, so we are pleased to offer both to our clients.

We made a point of hiring experts in both SLA and DLP printing. If you’re not sure which service is right for your project, we are happy to consult with you at any time. Generally, SLA is a slower print job than DLP because of its localized approach, so if you require a rush order, we may not recommend this approach. On the contrary, DLP prints are known to look more pixelated while SLA products look smoother and more accurate, so if the surface finish is important to you, we may recommend SLA instead. Again, we’re happy to consult with you to determine which type of 3D printer suits your needs.

We offer several types of resin (epoxy, acrylic monomers, and methacrylic monomers) compatible with both SLA and DLP 3D printing. Don’t worry about choosing the right material if you’re not sure- we’re happy to step in and help you make these key decisions. We’ve been using SLA and DLP printing for over 30 years, so we’ll know exactly what material you need for a successful print. Reach out using our Contact Us form today- we’d be happy to help you out!

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