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219x140mm - Wham Bam Double Wham for Kelant S400/500, QIDI S-Box In stock

Brand: Wham Bam Systems Ships from: Canada
$89.95 CAD was Approximately:

SKU: 219_140_DWR

fits: Kelant S400, Kelant S500, and QIDI S-Box

Size: 219 x 140 mm

Continuous printing with a Double Wham, start another print before you start cleaning the first! The Double Wham contains:

  • 1  WB Magnetic Base with 3M adhesive resistant to harsh solvents and chemicals like resist resin, mean green, and isopropyl alcohol
  • 2  WB Flexi Build Plate (spring steel) with a custom etched texture on both sides
  • 1  Piece of Sandpaper