• Carbon  - 1.75mm Spectrum PET CF15 Filament - 0.75 kg
  • Carbon  - 1.75mm Spectrum PET CF15 Filament - 0.75 kg


Filament Spectrum PET CF15



Very strong and rigid


Spectrum PET CF15 is a black through-dyed material based on polyethylene terephthalate. It is the easiest-to-print material filled with carbon fibre on the market. It presents no retraction issues and does not require a heating chamber. It demonstrates a perfect surface finish directly from the printer, thus reducing the need for further treatments.
Spectrum PET CF15 is compatible with support materials such as HIPS-X and can be used to print very strong and rigid items. It features a low impact of moisture and temperature on dimensions. PET CF15 filament may undergo additional treatment to improve its mechanical properties.
To attain the very attractive properties of Spectrum PET CF15, as regards the technical aspects, you need to follow the basic storage rules for such materials (in a dry and dark place with humidity below 15%). To obtain the best parameters of the printed object possible, it is recommended to dry the material prior to work.

Tip: Due to the essential content of shredded carbon fibre, it is recommended to use nozzles with diameters exceeding the standard value of 0.4mm. The presence of carbon fibre may also cause wear of brass nozzle, thus it is recommended to use stainless or hardened steel nozzles for prolonged application of Spectrum PET CF15.


Key features:


  • low processing (linear) shrinkage of 0.1%
  • high temperature up to 125°C for short-time operation
  • a relatively high resistance to thermal ageing
  • high Z-strength
  • high hardness, stiffness and creep resistance of printed elements
  • chemical resistance to lubricants and oils
  • good tribological properties, including dry friction conditions such as in slide bearings
  • very robust interlayer lamination
  • excellent impact strength
  • water absorption below 0.3% (23°C / 24h)




  • automotive industry
  • components of textile
  • office machines
  • precision apparatus
  • engineering
  • end-use parts
  • tooling
  • functional prototyping




Filament wound on a transparent PC spool. The spool contains information about the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Each reel is packed in aluminium vacuum bag with ZIP lock with a silica gel inside.


Due to the high carbon fiber content, it is recommended to use nozzles with a diameter exceeding 0.4 mm.
The presence of carbon fiber can also cause wear of the brass nozzle, so it is recommended to use stainless steel nozzles for long-term use of PET CF15 filament.



– the most precise quality control system on the market


Filament for 3D printers is manufactured by the method of free extrusion, which is one of the most difficult processing techniques by extrusion, due to the particularly large impact of process parameters on product dimensions and material homogenization.

During the production each 1mm of Spectrum Filament is being continuously measured in 2 axis with ±0.8µm accuracy, what allows to obtain a high-quality final product. As a proof of this, Spectrum Filaments has introduced, as one of the few manufacturers in the world, the possibility of presenting online, individually for each manufactured spool:

  • the course of diameter on the entire length of the spool,
  • mean diameter,
  • ovality,
  • standard deviation.

Precise survey guarantees that Spectrum Filaments products meet rigorous market requirements.



General information
Color Black
Spectrum color name Carbon
Diameter 1.75mm
Dimensional tolerance ± 0.05mm
Verify your spool - preview of the diameter course on the entire length of the spool YES
Density 1.40 g/cm³
Net weight 750g
Total weight 1150g
Recommended print settings
Printing temperature 245-270°C
Heated bed necessary
Heated bed temperature 50-70°C
Printing speed 30-80mm/s
Closed chamber Not necessary
Dimensions of the spool
Outer diameter 200mm
Width 55mm
Inner diameter 52mm
Empty spool weight ± 220g

Carbon - 1.75mm Spectrum PET CF15 Filament - 0.75 kg

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