• Bambu Lab P1S  + 3D Bundle
  • Bambu Lab P1S  + 3D Bundle
  • Bambu Lab P1S  + 3D Bundle
  • Bambu Lab P1S  + 3D Bundle
  • Bambu Lab P1S  + 3D Bundle

Introducing Bambu Lab 3D Printers with 3D Bundle – Elevate Your 3D Printing!

As your trusted Bambu Lab reseller, we bring you top-notch 3D printers bundled with the 3D package. Our printers ship certified by ETL Intertek to CSA SPE-1000 standards and come with 4 high speed compatible Standard PLA rolls.

By bundling, we offer free shipping and access to 3D Printing Canada's personalized technical support. Plus, all warranty concerns are handled locally for your peace of mind.

Experience the future of 3D printing with us – your one-stop Bambu Lab reseller for quality, convenience, and expert support.

Bambu Lab P1S 3D Printer


What's in the box

Bambu Lab P1S

Stainless Steel Hotend with Nozzle

Build Plate

Bambu PLA Filament

Unclogging Pin Tool

Power Cable

Accessory Box

P1S Combo Add-ons (Not Included)

Bambu Lab AMS

Spare Filament Cutter (x2)

Bambu Bus Cable-6Pin

Bambu Bus Cable-4Pin

Bambu PLA Filament

Bambu Filament-Support for PLA


Product Features

  • Works right out of the box, set up in 15 minutes
  • Well-polished hardware and software
  • Enclosed-body for high-temperature filament printing
  • Up to 16-color printing.  AMS (not included)
  • Up to 20000 mm/s² acceleration, prints a benchy in 18min
  • Build-in camera for remote monitoring and timelapse

All-around performance right out of the box

It just works right out of the box. You don't have to mess with it, just simply hit print, and the printer will handle all the calibrations (Auto-Bed Leveling, Vibration compensation) for you. Enjoy trouble-free printing every time with your P1S.

Multi-color capability

Get the AMS combo to unleash Multi-color printing capability. (up to 16-color if you stack up 4 AMS units). Purchase additional AMS units for more colors.

Print fast with exceptional quality

Cutting-edge control algorithm with the help of vibration compensation and pressure advance, bringing you lightning-fast print speed without compromising on quality.

Fully loaded with advanced features

Unboxing Bambu Lab P1S


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between P1S and P1P?

Compared to the P1P, the P1S offers a fully enclosed printing chamber and a more powerful cooling solution, which includes an Auxiliary Part Cooling Fan for cooling prints, a Chamber Regulator Fan to stabilize the inner chamber temperature, and a Control Board Fan to assist in cooling the control board. Furthermore, we have equipped it with an activated carbon filter to provide a solution for printing filaments such as ABS that are prone to emitting odors and harmful gases during the printing process.

What is the difference between P1S and X1C?

P1S is based on the P1P with an improved cooling solution and enclosure. However, it is not recommended to directly print fiber-reinforced filaments such as glass fiber or carbon fiber, before an extruder and hotend upgrade is done. The X1-Carbon is equipped with Micro lidar for advanced AI detection functions and offers more convenient and efficient screen interaction.

I want to know the technical specifications of P1S. Where can I check it?

Download full technical specifications

Bambu Lab P1S + 3D Bundle

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