• Black CF10 - 1.75mm Spectrum ASA-X Filament - 0.5 kg
  • Black CF10 - 1.75mm Spectrum ASA-X Filament - 0.5 kg

Resistance to outdoor conditions with a beautiful carbon finish

Analysing the feedback from the users of our filament, we have decided to expand the range of materials for outdoor use in conditions of increased exposure to UV radiation, temperature and humidity. ASA, a well-known polymer that is a highly weather-resistant alternative to ABS, has become the base for another composite material, Spectrum ASA-X CF10™.

Our paramount objective was to develop a material that would guarantee the printed models consistently high mechanical performance, especially in terms of hardness and stiffness, even under prolonged use in outdoor weather conditions. The result is the creation of Spectrum ASA-X CF10™, a composite based on an appropriately selected ASA with carbon fibre filling.

We provide our users with filament that is resistant to external exposure, such as sunlight (UV) and humidity (hydrolysis), with a tensile strength of over 7.5 GPa and a thermal resistance of 101°C. At the same time, Spectrum ASA-X CF10™ has low shrinkage and is, unusually for technical materials with comparable properties, easy to print. All of this, combined with a carbon matt surface that effectively masks the layers of the printed models, has made the Spectrum ASA-X CF10™ a very popular choice among the 3D printing community.

Technical data

Available diameter:
1.75 [mm]
Diameter tolerance:
+/- 0.03 [mm]
1.10 g/cm3
Thermal resistance:
HDT A - 95°C, VICAT - 101.6°C
Surface finish:
matte, carbon appearance
Verify your spool:
YES (course of diameter, online graph - on the entire length of the spool, mean diameter, ovality, standard deviation individually for each manufactured spool)

How to use

Nozzle temperature:
Bed temperature:
Recommended printing speed:
30-70 mm/s
Recommended shell thickness:
0.40 - 2.70mm
Recommended layer height:
≥ 0.15mm
Closed chamber for printing:
not necessary
Dry box recommended:
Ruby or hardened nozzle recommended:
not necessary (for increased adhesion or to prevent warping: Dimafix, 3DLac, Magigoo)

Material characteristics

  • 10% carbon fibers
  • HDT thermal resistance – 95°C
  • Vicat softening point – 101°C
  • excellent resistance to outdoor exposure
  • UV resistance
  • Printable on desktop printers without a heated chamber
  • carbon, matt printed surface
  • perfect bonding of the layers
  • easy to print


  • functional prototypes
  • manufacturing equipment
  • manufacture of housings and covers
  • manufacture of parts subject to abrasive wear
  • manufacturing tools
  • components that need high resistance to outdoor exposure

Black CF10 - 1.75mm Spectrum ASA-X Filament - 0.5 kg

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