• Drywise In-Line Filament Dryer
  • Drywise In-Line Filament Dryer
  • Drywise In-Line Filament Dryer
  • Drywise In-Line Filament Dryer

The Drywise filament dryer takes out the guesswork when 3D printing hygroscopic materials. The Drywise needs about 50 minutes to pre-treat your filament and bring it to the best printing conditions before 3D printing can start. An in-line drying design assures that long 3D prints will always be printed with consistent material dried to best printing conditions.

An in-line design dries only the section of filament that is 3D printed, reducing the amount of work needed. 


Smart sensors help to dry filament to the best 3D printing condition, avoiding overheating and over drying. 


User Friendly 
A user friendly UI guides the user all the way. Exchangeable and rechargeable desiccant cartridges will eliminate down time. 


Smart sensors detect idle moments and switch off heaters to ensure safety.


The list of certified filaments with calibrated settings is constantly growing.

Why is filament drying important?


Hygroscopic FDM filaments tend to absorb significant amounts of moisture from the environment over the course of a few days. Some materials cannot be printed out of the box due to high moisture levels already present in the material.

The presence of moisture in filaments can cause visible artefacts during printing, including: poor surface finish, stringing and oozing.

Moisture in filaments can potentially cause print failure and affect the mechanical properties of the printed part.

As a result moisture sensitive materials need to be dried prior to printing, however without special storage or pre -treatment the print quality can still degrade noticeably, especially during the course of a longer print

Drywise In-Line Filament Dryer


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