• E3D Prusa Specific Thermistor (MK2, MK3) PT100

The Official E3D Prusa Specific Thermistor, a high-quality temperature sensor designed specifically for use with Prusa 3D printers. Made from premium quality materials and engineered to the highest standards, this thermistor delivers precise and reliable temperature readings, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

With its compatible design, the Official E3D Prusa Specific Thermistor is the perfect replacement for your Prusa 3D printer's original thermistor. Its precise fit and high-quality construction ensure accurate temperature readings, helping to prevent issues such as under or over-extrusion and improving the overall quality of your prints.

This thermistor is made from high-temperature materials that can withstand the heat generated by your 3D printer's hot end. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.

The Official E3D Prusa Specific Thermistor is a vital component for achieving high-quality prints with your Prusa 3D printer. Its precise and reliable temperature readings help to ensure that your printer operates at optimal performance, delivering accurate and consistent results every time.

Trust in the superior quality and performance of the Official E3D Prusa Specific Thermistor for all your temperature sensing needs. Whether you're replacing a damaged or worn-out thermistor or simply upgrading your Prusa 3D printer, this component is an essential tool for achieving the best possible print quality.


E3D Prusa Specific Thermistor (MK2, MK3) PT100

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