• E3D Revo Voron Coldside
Upgrade your Voron 3D printer with Revo to unlock rapid, tool-free nozzle changing. Developed in collaboration with the Voron Design Team, this Coldside kit includes a Revo ready drop-in replacement heatsink plus everything you need to rigidly mount the new setup to your Voron printer.

Pair your Voron Revo sink with one of our carefully curated Hotside packs to ensure your printing needs are met, straight out of the box. All Hotside packs come with your heating and sensing elements plus a variety of nozzles for you to start quick swapping with.

Select from the following options:
  • Starter - Ideal for users printing at standard speeds with PLA, PETG, and ASA
  • High flow - Perfect if you're looking to push your MK3's print speed capabilities to the limit.
  • High Flow X - All the benefits of the High Flow pack with the bonus of abrasive resistance for printing with fibre-filled materials.
  • Genius 400 – A hobbyist’s playground: high temperature, high flow and abrasive printing in one kit.
  • Genius Metal – The ultimate hobbyist’s playground.
- 1 x Voron Heatsink
- 1 x Heater extension
- 1 x Thermistor extension
- 1 x 100mm PTFE

E3D Revo Voron Coldside

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