The Formbot Troodon 400 Z Belt is an essential component for precise and reliable 3D printing. Designed for use with the Formbot Troodon 3D printer, this Z belt offers superior strength and durability, ensuring consistent and accurate movement of the print bed.

With a width of 6mm and a pitch of 2mm, this Z belt provides excellent performance in high-speed and heavy-duty applications. Its high-quality construction ensures smooth and precise movement, reducing the risk of layer shifting and improving overall print quality.

The Formbot Troodon 400 Z Belt is made from premium quality materials, offering exceptional resistance to wear and tear, as well as resistance to stretching and elongation. This ensures consistent performance over time, reducing the need for frequent replacement and maintenance.

Installation of the Formbot Troodon 400 Z Belt is quick and easy, thanks to its precise fit and high-quality construction. Simply remove the old belt and replace it with the new one to ensure optimal performance from your 3D printer.

Trust in the Formbot Troodon 400 Z Belt to deliver reliable and accurate Z-axis movement for your 3D printing projects. With its superior quality and performance, this Z belt is an essential component for achieving high-quality and consistent prints every time.

Formbot Troodon 400 Z Belt

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