• Fysetc Duet 3 3HC Clone Expansion Board
  • Fysetc Duet 3 3HC Clone Expansion Board
  • Fysetc Duet 3 3HC Clone Expansion Board
  • Fysetc Duet 3 3HC Clone Expansion Board
  • Fysetc Duet 3 3HC Clone Expansion Board

Cloned Duet 3 3HC Upgrades Controller Board Duet 3 Advanced 32bit board For BLV MGN Cube 3D Printer CNC Machine

Overview The Duet 3 Expansion board 3HC v1.0 3 channel version supports the following:

  • 3 high-current stepper drivers
  • 3 high current PWM-capable outputs (provisionally 5A each maximum)
  • 3 medium current PWM-capable outputs (provisionally 3A each maximum), 2-pin
  • 3 outputs for 4-wire fans (separate PWM control wire and tacho)
  • 9 low voltage input/output connectors. Some of these have additional facilities, for example UART capability.
  • Connectivity to the Duet 3 Mainboard is over the CAN-FD Bus.


  • Powerful 32 Bit Processor: Atmel ATSAME51N: ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller running at 120MHz, with 512Kb flash memory, 384Kb RAM and many peripherals.
  • Three high-current advanced TMC5160 stepper drivers: SPI controlled will all the latest Trinamic features. Maximum motor current 6.3A peak per phase (4.45A RMS). One CAN-FD BUS for connection to the main board
  • Triple extruders: 3 medium current heater channels for up to 3 extruders.
  • 6 PWM controllable fan channels. 3 of these support 4 wire fans including tacho reading. These can be run from either the input voltage, from 12V, or from external power for added flexibility. Also one always-on fan connector supplied with VIN voltage.
  • Fuse fitted for input power
  • Automatic ADC gain calibration for thermistors allows for accurate and repeatable temperature setting. PT1000 sensors are supported in addition to thermistors. In addition PT100 and Thermocouples are supported through SPI daughter boards.
  • Power monitoring to allow for state save on power fail.
  • Support for the Duet3d Filament Monitors both magnetic and laser versions. 

    Fysetc Duet 3 3HC Clone Expansion Board

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