• Genuine ANTCLABS BLTouch Replacement Pin Head

The Genuine ANTCLABS BLTouch Replacement Pin Head is a high-quality replacement part for your BLTouch auto bed leveling sensor. Made with precision engineering and durable materials, this pin head is designed to provide reliable and accurate performance, ensuring that your 3D printer can operate at peak efficiency.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this replacement pin head is designed to withstand the wear and tear that comes with frequent use. Its precise construction ensures that it can accurately measure the distance between your printer nozzle and the print bed, resulting in precise and consistent 3D prints every time.

With its high-quality construction and precise performance, the Genuine ANTCLABS BLTouch Replacement Pin Head is an essential component for anyone looking to achieve consistent, high-quality 3D prints. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the ultimate in precision printing performance!

The BLtouch Version 3.1 - Current features a poly-carbonate plunger. This is an improvement over the V1.0 which was metal as poly-carbonate is much more durable and can be bent back into shape if deformed. 

This plunger serves as a replacement for damaged BL touch plungers. This can happen if the plunger gets caught on a loose print, or if the nozzle is buried into the bed. Ensure that you determine what happened to damage the original plunger before installing a brand new one. 

To install this plunger, turn the Allen key on the top of the BL touch until the grub screw comes out. Flip the BL touch upside down and the old plunger will come out, then insert this new one. Reinstall Allen key. 

Genuine ANTCLABS BLTouch Replacement Pin Head

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