• Modix Clog Detector

Ensure a worry-free printing experience with the Modix Clog Detector. Designed to detect and address filament-related issues, this innovative tool provides peace of mind by pausing the printer whenever a clog, knot in the spool, or under-extrusion is detected.

The Modix Clog Detector is a must-have accessory for any 3D printing enthusiast. Key features and benefits of this product include:

    • Automatic Detection:

The clog detector continuously monitors the filament flow and detects any issues that may arise during printing, such as a clogged nozzle, filament knot, or under-extrusion.

    • Pause Functionality:

Upon detecting a problem, the clog detector automatically pauses the printer, allowing you to address the issue without wasting filament or compromising the print job.

    • Print Job Preservation:

By pausing the printer at the first sign of trouble, the clog detector helps prevent failed prints and allows you to save print jobs, reducing material waste and minimizing downtime.

    • Easy Installation:

The clog detector is easy to install and compatible with a wide range of 3D printers. Simply follow the included instructions for seamless integration into your printing setup.

Modix Clog Detector

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