• Natural - 1.75mm Spectrum ASA Kevlar Filament - 0.75 kg
  • Natural - 1.75mm Spectrum ASA Kevlar Filament - 0.75 kg

Spectrum's ASA Kevlar is a technical composite material made from weather-resistant ASA copolymer and durable aramid fibres. The proportion of aramid fibres makes the surface of the printed material matt and gives it an aesthetic finish.

The highly resistant aramid fibres are mainly used in the manufacture of bulletproof objects (vests, helmets, loudspeaker membranes) - at higher loads they do not break in a brittle fashion but tear and break due to shearing. Due to the fact that the UV resistance of the aramid is low, the highly UV-resistant ASA copolymer compensates for this property and thus ensures a longer service life. The material generally has excellent ageing resistance, very good impact resistance, and good chemical and UV resistance.

Thanks to its extraordinary properties, ASA Kevlar is popular in the production of impact-resistant parts such as bumpers or protection devices. ASA Kevlar is also used as a material in the manufacture of functional prototypes, production tools, devices, assembly tools or other components that are resistant to external influences!

Positive characteristics:

  • Aramid fibre reinforced
  • HDT heat resistance up to 89 °C
  • Vicat softening point up to 94 °C
  • Blends the layers optimally
  • Can be printed on desktop printers without a heated chamber

Natural - 1.75mm Spectrum ASA Kevlar Filament - 0.75 kg

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