• Natural - 1.75mm Spectrum PPS AM230 Filament - 0.75 kg
  • Natural - 1.75mm Spectrum PPS AM230 Filament - 0.75 kg

The PPS AM230 is a material that is characterised by very high-temperature resistance and incredible mechanical properties.

The technical PPS polymer comes with an extraordinary chemical resistance, which means that it remains practically insoluble in any solvent such as concentrated acids or bases! In addition to its great HDT heat resistance of up to 129 °C, the PPS AM230 also shows a Vicat softening point of up to 236 °C. An additional special property of this material is its inherent non-flammability! The PPS has a high dielectric strength and adheres incredibly well to silicone, making it a great insulator and creating airtight connections between individual components.

Thanks to its excellent heat resistance, the material is ideal for applications in high-temperature printers equipped with a heated chamber. Due to the fact that the material has high dimensional stability, the printed model should be left in the warm chamber for a certain time so that no stress cracks occur due to the change in temperature. This is especially true for those models that are characterized by a higher geometric complexity.

The material is ideal for the manufacture of working components of devices and machines, for the manufacture of production tools, precision components and other parts that are exposed to chemical substances.

Natural - 1.75mm Spectrum PPS AM230 Filament - 0.75 kg


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