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Natural Brown - 1.75mm Wood Filament - 1 kg

Natural Brown - 1.75mm Wood Filament - 1 kg

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These filaments give the 3D printed objects a look and feel of wood. So, they have attributes similar to wood like they can be cut, painted and sanded as desired.

The wood printing filament first took the world by storm in 2012 when the first wood-based filament went on sale. It has carried on becoming one of the most frequently purchased 3d printing filament today.

In fact, wood filaments have one unique feature that it is able to create tree rings or veneer effect on the printed model. Some artists are even creating sculptures which are made entirely from printable timber. Designers are also using wood to make architectural models for better realism.

And of course, any hobbyist can use wood 3D printing filament to create an array of objects such as sail ships and vases.

3D Wood material data sheet
Main ingredients The resin type: PLA/PP alloy
Resin content%: 70~40
Fiber types: Natural plant fiber
Fiber content%: 10~40
granules melt flow velocityg/10min
(GB/T 3682-2000):

testing at
are for
impact strength (Type A gap)KJ/m²
(GB/T 1843-2008):

bending strength MPa(GB/T9341-2008): ≥26.0
flexural modulus MPa(GB/T9341-2008): ≥1200.0
tensile strength MPa

elasticity modulus MPa

elongation at break %

shore hardness D(GB/T2411-2008): ≥70.0
Density of the sample piece g/cm³
(GB/T 1933-2009):
Drawing at
Device type: /
fiber-forming temperature°C: 165~185
maximum temperature°C: ≤190
For equipment performance, temperature above are for reference only, debug temperature to pull out silk smooth surface, no burr, pellet, cross section pore-free is preferred.
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