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Official E3D Nozzle X - V6 - 1.75mm Filament - 0.3 mm In stock

Brand: E3D Ships from: Canada
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SKU: V6-NOZZLE-4TC-175-300

Nozzle X - V6


The Nozzle X is our NEW ‘One to rule them all’ nozzle, made from a special alloy of tool steel we have been able to create a nozzle that is immensely hard, but also maintains its hardness to high temperatures without softening. We have also added a layer of hard, slick nickel plating which provides a fantastic balance of cost and wear resistance. The cherry on the top? Our NEW WS2 ‘polyphobic’ nano coating, no longer will you find hot molten polymers sticking to your nozzle.

Comes with a limited wear warranty (covering wear only).