• E3D Super Volcano - 80W heater
  • E3D Super Volcano - 80W heater
  • E3D Super Volcano - 80W heater

A super long 80W 24V heater cartridge for use with the E3D SuperVolcano block.

SuperVolcano heater cartridge

These 80W heaters have been designed specifically for the needs of the SuperVolcano HotEnd and provide the much-needed power in order to achieve the highest flow rate possible. These have an extra-long 47.50mm heater cartridge that runs the full length of the SuperVolcano block.

The 24v heater cartridge is not supplied with a MOSFET as the current draw is 3.9A.  It's recommended to use a 4wire MOSFET.  Please consult your Control Board manual for Amp ratings. 

MOSFET Sold separately! 

Please note: 

Do not use this heater with any other block than the SuperVolcano block. Using the heater with another block may result in catastrophic failure of the system.

Care must be taken when bending the wires, ideally use a round form to provide a radius to the bed to avoid snapping the wires. Also, ensure adequate strain relief so as to not fatigue the wires by repeatedly bending them as this will cause failure.

The full health and safety information can be found in the datasheet here

Key features: 

- Cartridge diameter: 6 mm 

- Cartridge length: 47.5 mm 

- Cable length: 1 m 


Kit includes:

- 1x SuperVolcano Heater cartridge 

E3D Super Volcano - 80W heater

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