• Seal 3D Scanner - Lite Edition
  • Seal 3D Scanner - Lite Edition
  • Seal 3D Scanner - Lite Edition
  • Seal 3D Scanner - Lite Edition
  • Seal 3D Scanner - Lite Edition

Introducing Seal Lite

The Cost-Effective and Practical Choice with Precision-Blue Imaging System.

5x More Detail Per Unit

With its shorter wavelength (400 to 500 nano), it projects refined structured light, achieving 0.02mm accuracy.



Achieve exceptional 0.02mm accuracy for precise object reproduction.



Experience impressive detail with a 0.07mm minimum point spacing.

Incredible Precision With Seal 3D Scanner
Seal 3D Scanner

Incredible Precision

Precision Blue imaging system delivers 0.02mm accuracy and up to 3x the resolution of comparable scanners. Get highly detailed models with ease.

Smooth Scan

Smooth scanning with Seal's advanced optical system and JMStudio algorithms.

Anti-Shaking Lenses

Optical stabilization filters out unwanted jitter for smooth, continuous scanning.

Anti Shaking Seal 3D Scanner

Lightning-Fast Speed

Collecting 100,000 points per second, it swiftly scans body parts and more.

Lightning Fast Speed Seal 3D Scanner

Brilliant in Darkness

9-level light adjustment for versatile scanning in varying colors, materials, and lighting conditions.

Seal 3D Scanner

Light & Quiet

Take Seal Lite's 226g lightweight design with you wherever you need to scan! Experience smooth, quiet scanning with excellent heat dissipation and no fan noise.

Designed for Easy Scanning

Scan quality depends heavily on software, which is why our proprietary JMStudio is essential. Years of continuous iteration have resulted in enhanced scanning and editing capabilities. Support for 8 languages and lifetime free OTA updates.

Easy Scanning With Seal 3D Scanner

Compatible Software

JMStudio supports exporting files in formats like OBJ, STL, ASC, empowering you to edit, refine, reder, or print your scans using your preferred design software.

Seal 3D Scanner Compatible Software

Seal 3D Scanner - Lite Edition


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