The Comprehensive Guide to Comparing 3D Filament
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The Best 3D Printers 2018: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

The 3D printing industry is slowly but surely coming into its own. This can be seen from the Forbes 2017 report which highlighted the fact that 27% more 3D printers were purchased in 2017 then 2016! And the numbers are set to keep increasing as more people continue to notice the advantages it brings to rapid prototyping, and manufacturing as a whole. Like the phenomenal adoption of personal computers in the 90s, the rise of 3d printing owes part of its growth to the domestic adoption of additive manufacturing in many homes. This adoption is what creators of 3D printers seek to exploit and that’s why today, there are a plethora of brands you will have to choose from when going to the market to purchase one.  Read more

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