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Creality Ender 3 Review: Unboxing, Parts & Build

In this video we will be unboxing the Creality Ender 3 3D Printer and showing you how to to set it up!  The Ender 3 has been out for the past year, and is often considered one of the best 3D printers at its price range!   This 3D printer is very similar to the Creality CR-10 but is nearly just a scaled down version with a few other changes.  After reading this blog post you’ll know exactly what the Ender 3 is and what it comes with, and how to set it up! Unboxing When you receive your Creality Ender 3, it’ll be packaged up nice and tight.  Read more

Making the Maple Leaf Benchy on the Creality CR-10s 3D Printer

One of the first things people print when they get a new 3D printer is a benchy!  Printing benchy’s are great ways to stress test your machine and really get to know what it’s capable of.  In this tutorial we are going to print a Canadian Maple Leaf benchy in a nice Canadian red which is a new Select PLA by Natureworks LLC!   Setting Up As mentioned in a previous tutorial, using blue painters tape is a great replacement to glue as it’s easier to apply and remove.   1. Begin by taping the bed with painter’s tape before we begin the leveling process. 2. Once that’s completed, we need to heat up the bed and nozzle to operating temperature.  It’s best to level when heated just in case anything expands slightly because of the operating heat.   Turn the Power Switch on, click the Navigation Wheel to open the...

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Understanding a 3D Printer: An Overview of 3d Printer Components

Owning and operating a 3D printer is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be quite confusing.  In the past few years, the marketplace for 3D printing has grown exponentially, and the technology has evolved and become more complex.  

That being said below we will introduce you to a few of the different styles of 3D printers available on the market, what style might be best for you, and the different 3d printer components!

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Bridging the Workforce Development Gap with Additive Manufacturing Education

Recording the statistics coming out of an industry is the best way to feel the pulse and measure the industry’s growth. And the statistics coming out of the additive manufacturing industry are great!

This is due to the ability of the 3D printer to be integrated into any industry or activity that requires manufacturing, thereby increasing the purchase of 3D printers exponentially.

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5 Tips to Setting up Your In-house 3D Printing Facility

It is on record that additive manufacturing has cut production cost across the major industries where manufacturing plays an important role. Due to its well-documented ability to reduce lead times, cut production costs while improving product quality which makes it a win-win situation for its adopters.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a majority of small, medium and large scale businesses are interested in setting up an in-house 3D printing department or facility to aid production.

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The Importance of Ventilation and Your 3D Printing Workspace

Have you ever smelt the sweet-fragrance of Ingeo PLA or the cloying smell of HITPS and gone; is this harmful to my health?  

Thankfully, extensive research on 3D printing has provided answers to your question, and the answer is yes and no… Confused, aren’t you? but do not fret for today, I intend to expatiate more on the by-products of the 3D printing process its effect on your health and how to mitigate risks.

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Multicolor 3D Printing How To: Using the Mosaic Palette+ with the Creality Ender 3

If you’re the proud owner of a Creality Ender 3 3D Printer, you’ll be ready to really hit the ground running and test what this printer can do!  That being said, the process can be confusing for your first run through, especially if you’re looking to print with multicolour. In this guide we will be walking you through how to print a multicoloured butterfly with the Creality Ender 3, one of the best multicolour 3d printers on the market! Read more

3D Printer Wars: Ultimaker 3 vs. Creatbot F430

Let’s start this epic battle, by getting the boring stuff out of the way. The 3D printing industry is here to stay and with it comes rivalries and pitted battles among the superpowers looking to carve the biggest share out of the blooming additive manufacturing market.

And Ultimaker as well as Creatbot have proven to be heavyweight contestants in this battle which makes it only fair to compare and contrast what their 3D printers bring to the table.

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The Life of an Industrial Designer: How to Transform Ideas into 3D Prints

For a specific group of people, the ability to iteratively test and retest ideas without breaking the bank or waiting for days to evaluate results is literarily life-saving. And it is no secret that industrial designers fall into this group due to the nature of the work they do.

Therefore, if you happen to run a machining shop, an industrial design hub or you are a freelance creator, then this post is for you. The benefits of 3D printing have been shouted from the roof tops for a couple of years and I do not need to stretch my imagination to know that you have heard of 3D printing and its advantages. So, instead of rehashing what you have probably heard and continue to hear on a regular basis, we will be taking a look at specific processes in an industrial production circle

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The Top 5 Desktop 3D Printers for Developing Miniatures

Imagine being able to create a sculpture on the level of Bernini’s Madonna without having any formal training as a sculptor or an artisan? Sounds laughable right? Truth be told, it actually is for Bernini was a genius in the golden age of 3D sculptors. But with the use of a great 3D printer, hobbyists can definitely get a little closer to reaching Bernini’s perfection.

So today is dedicated to the artisans, sculptors and hobbyist interested in creating expressive art forms and miniatures using the 3D printing process. And if you have already been using a 3D printer without much success, this is also for you. Here, a comprehensive list of the best 3D printers for manufacturing miniatures and why we consider them the best, will be provided in some detail. 

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5 Reasons to integrate 3D printing in STEM Education for Kids

I am sure you have heard all the stories about the young boy who built a prosthetic arm for his own use through the use of a 3D printer. And if like most teachers or educators, this news piqued your interest in 3D printing, its benefits and how they can be applied in your classroom, then this article is for you. Like the computer industry in the 90’s, the 3D printing industry is slowly but surely coming into its own. Today, the 3D printing community has what we call ‘desktop 3D printers’ which are basically entry-level options which can be purchased for less than a $1000. This has made it possible for every home, school and learning center to get a 3D printer in the same way affordable laptops spear-headed the global adoption of Information technology. Now that we have the affordability part out of the way, here are the...

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The PLA Comparison Chart: Choosing the Best PLA for your Projects

As with all stories, it is always best to start from the very beginning in order to give everyone a fair chance of understanding and catching up with the story’s plot. Therefore, before delving into comparing PLA brands, here is a brief definition of what it actually means.

Polylactic Acid also known as PLA, is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch. It is currently one of the more widely used materials in 3D printing due to the ease at which it is made as well as its eco-friendly nature. That being said, let’s move to the fun part!

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How to Choose the Best 3D Printer for Miniatures [5 Features to Look For]

3D printing miniatures of your favourite gaming or fictional characters is a hobbyist dream and one of the reasons why domestic desktop 3D printers have left their mark on the 3D printing market. With the right 3D printer, anyone could learn to manufacture miniatures from scratch at very affordable overhead cost.

But it is also worth noting that you may have to spend some time learning how to use a 3D printer to create the small and sometimes intricate patterns miniatures generally have. So, have you chosen the path of a 3D printing hobbyist interested in developing miniatures? If yes, then the first step to actualizing your dreams and becoming an expert in miniature printing is choosing the right 3D printer to work with

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5 3D Printing Trends to Consider in 2018

As we leave the first quarter of 2018 behind, another great opportunity has presented itself to business owners and hobbyists—in the manufacturing niche—to consider their 2018 manufacturing strategies and explore other ways to meet set targets. And the best way to create new strategies is having a well-rounded understanding of the 3D printing community and its expectations for the future. 

Having an understanding of the trends in the 3D printing community will definitely help both commercial and domestic additive manufacturers take advantage of the opportunities these trends bring up. So now is the time to say the year started quite good for most people into 3D printing and to ensure you end it on a high note, here are the 3D printing trends to keep your eyes on

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Introducing the 3D Printing Canada You Tube Channel

3D Printing Canada’s YouTube is Live! A great picture, they say, is worth a thousand words which bellies the question; how many words is a great video worth? Regardless of your answer to this, 3DPC would like anyone who has loved our blog posts, bought a 3D printing machine, filament or part to know that the 3DPC You Tube channel is live!

The idea behind going live was to provide our teeming clients and everyone interested in 3D printing with a video hub where you can learn about the 3D printing subject matters close to your heart. This means you can be among the first people to see a new 3D printing machine unboxed and assembled, learn about diverse printing techniques as well as witness different DIY repairs/solutions been executed

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3D Printing Canada’s Maple Leaf Benchy: Taking the Torture Test to New Heights

Have you ever wondered why people keep 3D printing little boats on their 3D printers? If yes, then you are not alone because most first-time users of a 3D printer generally end up asking this same question. The little boats which you see everywhere on the internet is call a 3D benchmark or ‘3D Benchy’ and it is basically a test carried out to the limits of a 3D printer, how a new filament functions and a 3D printer’s software calibrations. As good as the 3D Benchy or little boat test is, it still misses out on some key tests you would like to carry out on your 3D printer. These tests include checking out how accurately a 3D printer prints texts and renders sharp edges.  Read more

6 Ways 3D Printing is changing the Cosplay Industry

It is April and Cosplay as well as ComiCon season is around the corner! And once again fans of animated classics, the fantasy genre and re-enactments can finally go about dressed as Gandalf, Ironman or whoever your favourite fictional character is. But before the festivities, it is an open secret in the Cosplay community that getting hold of realistic Cosplay props and costumes comes at a cost. This is due to the fact that purchasing props from brand names is quite expensive. So what if I was to tell you that you could make very realistic Cosplay props and costumes at very affordable costs for your personal use? Will it be something you would be interested in? Read more

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