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The Best 3D Printers 2018: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

The 3D printing industry is slowly but surely coming into its own. This can be seen from the Forbes 2017 report which highlighted the fact that 27% more 3D printers were purchased in 2017 then 2016! And the numbers are set to keep increasing as more people continue to notice the advantages it brings to rapid prototyping, and manufacturing as a whole. Like the phenomenal adoption of personal computers in the 90s, the rise of 3d printing owes part of its growth to the domestic adoption of additive manufacturing in many homes. This adoption is what creators of 3D printers seek to exploit and that’s why today, there are a plethora of brands you will have to choose from when going to the market to purchase one.  Read more

Pevly: Your Source of Online Technology Reviews

Pevly was founded with the aim of providing an online hub for individuals interested in learning more about 3D printers and action cameras. And since its inception in 2015, Pevly has carved a niche for itself in the hardware community as one of the leading review platforms for the different 3D printer and action camera brands/products currently in the tech market. At Pevly, the focus is providing the public with as much knowledge as possible on 3D printers and action cameras. Pevly accomplishes this through the provision of well-written and highly comprehensive reviews and buying guides covering the aforementioned products. The online review platform takes its mission to provide its readers with knowledge by also making upgrade tutorials of software applications and operating systems of 3D printers and action cameras available to anyone interested in keeping their devices up to date. To ensure the quality of these reviews, Pevly ensures...

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Introducing the New Line of Creality 3D Printers in Stock

From time to time, we update our inventory of 3D printers, accessories and tools available in our stores and due to our corporate responsibility to you; we ensure that interested members of the public are duly informed. We are delighted to let you know that the full range of Creality’s versatile 3D printers are currently in stock and with less than $1000, you can start 3D printing Read more

The Top 5 Online 3D Printing Courses for Beginners

If you are reading this, you already know about the power of the 3D printer and its disruptive abilities. And this prior knowledge of additive manufacturing must have galvanised your current exhilarating curiosity to learn the tenets of 3 printing as well as take advantage of its creative freedom.

But everyone must have a starting point and here, we will explore the different learning opportunities available to beginners and hobbyists who are interested in building on their 3D printing experiences. The highlighted courses cut across the design of 3D models, the basic of 3D printing and the different printing techniques, printing tools for beginners and much more.

And at the end of the entire exercise, it is expected that these courses will be a catalyst in helping you purchase your first 3D printer and the tools needed to kick-start your first project.

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6 Finishing Techniques to Consider for Your 3D Prints

What is the ultimate DIY—do it yourself—tool? A mechanic’s tool kit or the human brain? What about a device that can be used to create every tool you own and have used to date? For many people, especially 3D printing enthusiasts, the 3D printer, is seen as the ultimate DIY tool because it can bring out the creativity hidden in all of us by allowing us to develop the diverse items our mind-eyes can envision.

Today, with the right 3D printer, there’s virtually no 3D object you can’t produce if you put your mind to it. But sadly, even accurately printed models suffer one blemish or the other and this is why acquiring some knowledge about finishing techniques is important. Read on as we take you through an explorative journey on enhancing the aesthetics of your 3D prints

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The Best 3D Printers for Jewelry Makers

When I was asked to write about “The Best 3D Printers for Jewelry Makers” I was, it is fair to say, pretty much thrown off balance. You see, I got into 3D printing through my interest in robot building, arduino/electronics and prop making. These things tend to be much larger and more robust than jewelry. Heck, the only jewelry I wear is my plain gold wedding band. So I had a lot of research to do if I was going to answer this, seemingly straightforward, question. Then once you start digging into the entire topic the question also opens up further questions such as: how much money are you going to be willing to spend, how are you going to make money from this jewelry, if at all, and what is your skill level? Are you going to manufacture or just design this jewelry? Well, as it turns out, it...

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A Comparison of 3D Printer Filament Types

What is the best 3d printer filament to use for your 3d printing? Right now there is a huge selection of 3d printer filament types, and it is only going to grow over the next few years. Fact is, this is a good thing in many ways. That growth in selection and variety means there is more opportunity, more options, more specific niches being served, heck it means there are more colors available! But with a growth in choice there is a parallel growth in inundation for people who have to make that choice. How do you narrow down the correct 3d printing filament for YOUR situation? Let’s look at some ways to filter down the massive list of options out there so we can decide the best filament for you. 1. Filament size   First we have to know what type of filament your printer accepts. Not all printers...

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Anet A8 Review

Ahh the Anet A8. The famously infamous sub-$200 Chinese 3D printer. Feared, hated, and loved. How did such a machine become so controversial? And why, despite all of that, do I still think it is worth considering? Read on, dear friend, read on! Let’s start with the specifications, and work from there. Editors Note: If you're willing to spend a few more dollars consider the Creality Ender 3 - most users agree it's an upgrade. Anet A8 3D Printer Kit Specifications On paper there is nothing at all shocking or even surprising about the Anet A8 3d printer kit. 220mm x 220mm x 240mm build area, with metal heated bed Acrylic frame 12v PSU Two steppers on vertical axis Part fan as well as extruder fan LCD display screen with clicky buttons rather than dial UI Mk8 Extruder Looking over that list I am sure there are no surprises, but no...

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What Is It Like to Print With Polyflex 3d Printer Material?

Polymaker is a name that comes up all the time in 3d printing discussions around premium printing materials. They are a well-known manufacturer of specialist filaments, but that premium reputation does come with a premium price tag. For this reason, a lot of people have heard of Polymaker but not actually used their materials.   So what is it actually like to print with?   To find out, I ordered their flexible variety of printing material that they call PolyFlex.   What fascinated me was while some people in the 3d printing community might regard the filament as an “exotic material,” the specifications for printing is a lot like what you would expect from any regular filament.   Just take a look. See anything out of the ordinary? No, me neither.   Now, of course, this is flexible stuff. Not every printer, or extruder, rather, is going to deal with...

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The Top 10 3D Printers Under $300

Are you looking for a 3d printer under $300? It seems like every other day someone asks this question in a forum or facebook group.   Obviously looking for a cheap 3d printer has its challenges, as the best budget 3d printer will likely be a 3d printer kit because to have a ready-made but affordable 3d printer means a lot of compromises.   Never fear, however. Whether you are looking to build a DIY 3d printer kit, or are looking for pre-built, there are good options to choose from under that magical $300 level. Let’s take a look: Prusa i3 clones Sorry but you are NOT going to get a Prusa i3 mk2 even second hand for under $300. They are just too in demand and too well regarded. That said, there are some excellent 3rd party clones of the Prusa i3 that are great value for money.  ...

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Wombot Exilis XL 3d Printer Review

Wombot is a 3d printer brand from Australia. The company behind the Wombot 3d printer range, Aurorum, have several printer models, aimed at different segments of the 3d printing market, but the XL with it’s “oversized Prusa i3” appeal is squarely in the Creality CR-10 and Tevo Tornado space. How does it measure up?   In the 3D printing world there are certain benchmark bed sizes. The smaller printers are normally between 120mm to 180mm square, then you have the bulk of “regular” sized printers around 200mm square. Above 210mm and we get into “large” territory.   While not as crammed as the budget and regular-sized markets, there is still a lot of competition in this space.   At the top end we have the gMax and Lulzbot Taz. These machines run several thousand dollars. We also have the aforementioned “mainstream priced” Creality and Tevo machines.   The “XL” is...

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What’s the difference between PLA and ABS?

Before you choose your 3D printing supplies, you need to decide on a type of filament. Choosing the right type is essential to the success of your model. To help you choose, here’s a look at the differences between PLA and ABS. The Basics Take a step back to the basics of 3D printing. 3D printers use materials called thermoplastics. These thermoplastics soften in the heat. Then, the machine can mold them into any shape. Once they are cooled, they hold that shape. ABS and PLA are types of thermoplastics. But they’re not the only types. They are just the only common types used for 3D printing. That’s because 3D printing requires more than a material that can be melted down and molded. It requires a specific set of qualities. First, it needs to be able to extrude into plastic filament. Secondly, it needs to extrude and trace-bind in the...

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What are the best websites for free 3D printing designs?

There are so many things you can print with your 3D printer. While there are tons of designs out there for you to sift through, many of them come with steep fees. To save you time and money, here’s a list of the five best websites for free 3D designs. 1. Thingiverse This website has a universe full of free 3D designs. Downloading designs from them is as simple as going to their website and choosing a model to download. There’s no registration or log-in prompt. The website lets you search for a design, browse through designs, or create your own. It almost resembles Pinterest in appearance. While it doesn’t have the cleanest user-interface, it has an incredible volume of designs. You could spend hours browsing through designs you’ve never even imagined. 2. Pinshape Another mostly free site loaded with designs is Pinshape. Although it’s free to download some designs,...

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