Featuring an assortment of diverse filaments dedicated to meeting dynamic 3D printing needs. At 3D Printing Canada, we exhibit various filament types, ranging from standard PLA and PETG to specialty materials like TPU and PC. Each of these possesses unique properties in terms of rigidity, durability, finishing and other factors, making them suitable for diverse applications for industrial usage, educational needs or hobbiestic purposes.

Apart from our own products, we have curated high-quality filaments from top-tier brands, including 3DXTech, Creality, Matter3D, NinjaTek, Spectrum, and Zaxe. We offer variations of colour, diameters, spool size, materials and weight, ensuring everyone gets the perfect match for their printing necessities and compatibility with their printer model. 

Scroll through our product line of filaments and discover the most favourable one!

Types of Filaments 

Common Filaments

This list includes the filaments that are usually employed in accomplishing various 3D printing or modelling projects. You can here find diversity that ranges from easy-to-use & non-toxic options like PLA to rigid & temperature-resistant filaments such as ABS and ASA. Just like the unique properties of each of these filaments vary from each other, their applications differ as well. 

For instance, the PLA is a great biodegradable choice for surgical implant rods and hobbyist modelling of trains, gaming and more. On the other hand, ABS customizes interior car components and architectural models.

Artistic Filaments

These PLA filaments play a great role in sculpting, modelling or manufacturing various artistic products, including decorative items, visual displays, prototyping with colourful finishes, jewellery & fashion accessories, and many other artistic requirements. 

PLA Silk and Polychromatic Silk provide a smooth, shiny finish suitable for decorative pieces and artistic creations, while Matte PLA offers a subdued aesthetic for architectural models and prototypes. Pearl PLA boasts a pearlescent sheen ideal for luxurious designs, while Wood PLA offers a textured, wood-infused appearance for natural-looking prints. Metal PLA provides a metallic finish for a product’s designs, and Glow In The Dark PLA adds a luminous touch to novelty items and safety markers.

Flexible Filaments

For better flexibility or bending ability, we are featuring this filament variety that is widely utilized to create diverse 3D essentials. From TPU's unmatched durability to X920's eco-friendly biodegradability, we offer solutions for every project. Achieve ultimate softness with TPE's ultra-flexible material, or utilize the blend of Soft PLA for a perfect balance. Whether it's phone cases, prototypes, or artistic creations, our flexible filament collection delivers unmatched performance and versatility, empowering your creativity perfectly.

Engineering Filaments

Want high-end filaments specially designed to accomplish diverse engineering projects requiring precision and detailing? 3D Printing Canada has got you covered with these filaments suitable for such projects.

Infused with carbon fibre, CF offers unparalleled strength and a textured finish, perfect for high-stress applications. PA Nylon provides exceptional chemical resistance and durability, ideal for gears and mechanical parts. For impact-resistant solutions, PC Polycarbonate is your go-to choice. ULTEM/PEI and PEEK/PEKK offer superior thermal properties, making them perfect for aerospace components and medical implants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the filament diameters available?

At 3D Printing Canada, you can find filaments of two different diameters, including 1.75mm and 2.85mm.

Are there any special storage instructions for filaments?

  • Store in airtight containers or resealable bags with desiccants.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Keep filaments clean and free from dust and debris.
  • Neatly organize filaments and label them for easy identification.
  • Store spools upright on holders or racks to prevent tangling.

Can I use your filaments with my 3D printer model?

Yes, you can typically use ABS, TPU, PLA, and PETG filaments with various 3D printer models, as long as the printer is compatible with the filament diameter and has the appropriate temperature settings for each filament type.

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