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If you're interested in resin printing for educational purposes or crafting accurate models, discover the exceptional range of resin 3D printers available at 3D Printing Canada.

Resin 3D Printers are like super-powered machines that turn liquid resin into incredibly detailed and smooth models,  like figurines, prototypes, or functional parts. You can use different materials in them, like standard resins, flexible resins, and specialty resins with properties such as transparency or elasticity. And get this – they work pretty fast and can handle tricky shapes easily. Even if you're a beginner or a pro, resin printing is a fun way to make your ideas come to life. So why not give it a try and see what awesome things you can create? 

Why Choose Resin 3D Printers over any Other Type of Printer?

  • Resin printers can produce detailed models with higher resolution and smooth finishing.

  • These Printers exhibit minimal visible layer lines and have faster printing speeds.

  • They require less post-processing time as they cure entire layers at once rather than extruding filament line by line.

  • These excel at printing complex geometries and intricate shapes with overhangs and fine details.

Our Brands Collection of 3D Resin Printers


Creality's 3D printers feature innovative "MageArch" flip lids and integrated smart air purifiers for odour absorption. The  Z-axis dual linear rails ensure stability during printing, while their self-developed slicer, halot box, streamlines the workflow. These are ideal for applications such as creating miniatures, jewelry, prototypes, art, and customized products with high precision and detail. It is available in 2 variants:

  • Creality Halot Mage (228x128x230mm)

  • Creality Halot Mage Pro (228x128x230mm)

Emake3D Galaxy 1

This Printer is capable of producing large-scale prototypes, detailed architectural models, and custom sculptures with ease. Moreover, Galaxy1 is proficient in producing prototypes for automotive parts, consumer products, and specialized tools, as well as creating custom moulds and patterns for manufacturing processes. It has:

  • Ultra-stable printing technology with a permanent levelling system for effortless printing.

  • Long lifespan of 20,000 hours, ten times longer than traditional machines.

  • Intuitive 7" touchscreen interface for easy operation.


The Rayshape Shape 1+ Series, Rayshape Edge E1, and the Rayshape Shape 1+ Dental are fast and precise 3D printers designed specifically for dental professionals. They can print dental products quickly and accurately, with options for different materials. Practitioners seeking efficient and precise printing solutions can use these printers for making items like:

  • Surgical Guides

  • Splints

  • Denture Teeth Sets


These printers feature exclusive ACF Release Film technology, advanced COB light sources, and Fresnel collimating lenses. Elegoo printers deliver consistent curing for superior print quality. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including rapid prototyping, product development, and educational purposes. Our collection features these two models:

  • Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K

  • Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra 9K

Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K (330x185x400mm)

The Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K stands out with its exceptional 8K printing capabilities. It has 43µm detailing, almost twice as detailed as other large-scale 3D printers. With stunning resolution in a single print, its applications range as:

  • Printing Regular Table-Sized Resin 

  • 3d Printed Miniatures

  • Large-Scale 3d Printing Terrain

  • Intricate Body Armor For Festivals Like Halloween 

Explore the magic of resin 3D printers with 3D Printing Canada! Start creating today! Also, don't forget to check out our collection of 3D printers in Canada, featuring metal 3D printers, along with 3D scanners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resin 3D printer?

A resin 3D printer is a type of 3D printer that uses liquid resin as its printing material instead of filament. These printers are known for their high-resolution prints and are often used for producing detailed prototypes, jewelry, and miniatures.

How does a resin 3D printer work?

It works by exposing liquid resin to a light source, such as UV light, in a process called photopolymerization. The light causes the resin to harden, layer by layer, according to the pattern dictated by the 3D model being printed.

Are resin 3D printers suitable for beginners?

These can be challenging for beginners due to the need for careful handling of resin, post-processing steps like washing and curing, and the potential messiness of the printing process. However, with proper guidance and safety measures, beginners can still learn to use them effectively.

What safety precautions should I take when using a resin 3D printer?

Safety precautions include wearing gloves to avoid skin contact with resin, using safety goggles to protect eyes from splashes, and working in a well-ventilated area to minimize exposure to fumes emitted during printing and post-processing.

How do I choose the right resin 3D printer for my needs?

When choosing a resin 3D printer, consider factors such as print quality, build volume (size of objects it can print), ease of use (including software interface and setup), and compatibility with different types of resins (such as standard, flexible, or castable resins) to ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences. Researching user reviews and comparing specifications can help in making an informed decision.