• Creality Halot Mage Pro (228x128x230mm)
Hyper-speed 8K Resin Printing
 【170mm/h Epoch-making Speed】170mm/h, Creality Holat-mage Pro is 3 to 5x faster than the competition while still keeping the quality.
 【Professional 10.3" 8K LCD Screen】8K with 29.7 µm XY resolution for delicate prints. The 10.3-inch mono LCD screen takes the build volume up to a new level of 228*128*230mm(6712cm3).
 【Game-changing Smart Resin Pump】Both resin fill and withdrawal are automated.The feeding tubes is free to stick into any container.
 【Smart Air Purifier】Powered and controlled by the printer, it absorbs odor with a 5.8 times larger activated carbon filter. A vent hole is also at the back, convenient for the external exhaust pipe.
 【Integral Light 3.0】90%+ light uniformity, 8000uw/cm2 ligth intensity, creating clean surfaces and crisp contours.
 【Print Anywhere with Smart Connectivity】Easy remote control and monitoring from Creality Cloud or HALOT BOX. Simple to print via a USB drive or connect a USB camera.
 CHITUBOX PRO: 1 Year VIP for Free


Creality Halot Mage Pro (228x128x230mm)

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