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Green - 1.75mm Sakata PLA 850 Filament - 1 kg In stock

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SKU: SakataPLA175Green1kg

The popularity of PLA stems from the fact that it is easy to print, doesn’t cause bad odours and is environmentally friendly. However, generic PLA compositions have their cons: in broad terms, PLA compositions we most frequently find on today’s market exhibit low distortion temperatures, high friction coefficients, and a low melt flow index.

These attributes translate into a more rigid and delicate 3D print which is harder to extrude and easier to fracture. To overcome some of PLA’s issues and with the objective of improving 3D printing results, NatureWorks, backed by years of experience in the polymer industry, created the PLA Ingeo 3D850 resin.

PLA 850. First and foremost, the melt flow index is higher than ABS plastic. A high melt flow index often means a lower friction coefficient. This high melt flow index thus yields an advantage because extruder motors have to do less work to extrude the same length of filament (print faster). Also, a higher melt flow index leads to a cooler extruder operating temperatures and less wear on parts. Another advantage is a lowered probability of extruder gear slippage or stripping of the filament when backpressure occurs in the hot end.

When looking at a broader range of 3D printer filaments, it’s typical to see that materials with high impact resistances have conversely low tensile strengths (or vice-versa). The chart is sh