• Rapidia Metal 3D Printer (200x240x150mm)
  • Rapidia Metal 3D Printer (200x240x150mm)
  • Rapidia Metal 3D Printer (200x240x150mm)
  • Rapidia Metal 3D Printer (200x240x150mm)
  • Rapidia Metal 3D Printer (200x240x150mm)
  • Rapidia Metal 3D Printer (200x240x150mm)
  • Rapidia Metal 3D Printer (200x240x150mm)

The easiest way to 3d print complex metal parts

Industrial metal additive manufacturing made possible in any facility. Rapidia’s bound metal extrusion printer can create complex metal parts quickly and without a mess. A paste feedstock means safe operation with no loose metal dust, no need for special powder-handling equipment, and no chemical debinding. Rapidia’s two-step process creates prints by material extrusion, creating a green part similar to a polymer FFF printer.

Dual extruders and an evaporative support material allow any geometry to be printed. The evaporative support material doubles as a separation layer, enabling hand-removable metal sintering supports, which are generated in the slicer and printed in place. Green parts can be sintered into dense metal parts directly off the printer, with short 12-24 hour sintering cycles. This makes Rapidia the fastest name in metal extrusion.

Rapidia provides a complete solution: printer, feedstock, and advanced vacuum sintering furnace.

Build volume: 200mm x 240mm x 150mm
Print head: paste metering valves, independent dual extruder
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm standard
Materials: 316L stainless steel, 17-4PH stainless steel, Inconel 625 (beta), H13 tool steel (in dev.), copper (in dev.), cemented carbide (in dev.)


Rapidia Metal 3D Printer (200x240x150mm)

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