• White - 1.75mm Sakata HR-PLA 3D870 - 1 kg

NatureWorks introduced its Ingeo ™ 3D870, and “Sakata 3D Filaments” didn’t hesitate to count on them to manufacture their filaments after due testing and presentation to various printer manufacturers, who have praised the product for its potential in printing. The final conclusion is that there are currently no other materials that provide this superior filament processing, ease of printing and performance characteristics of the printed pieces.

Quality filament ensures reliable printing and predictable performance. NatureWorks developed Ingeo 3D870 to meet the growing demand by industrial companies for a material that combines the properties of ABS and the printability of Ingeo PLA.

Ingeo 3D870 complies with chemical inventory listings in key markets in North America, Asia, and Europe, which expands sales opportunities for filament manufacturers. Parts produced with the formulation exceed ABS 3D parts in impact strength and, with post-print annealing, rivals ABS heat resistance. (See accompanying chart.)

Ingeo General Purpose PLA is good for many applications including 3D printing, but 3D850 and 3D870 have been designed specifically for 3D printing. Building on reliable, easy printability, these two grades offer good UV colour lightfastness, low yellow index, and can be crystallized to realize additional heat and impact properties. 3D870 specifically was designed for impact strength that’s required in industrial applications.

White - 1.75mm Sakata HR-PLA 3D870 - 1 kg

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