• Yellow - 1.75mm Euro Silk PLA Filament - 1 kg


3D Printing Canada consulted European experts to produce a premium PLA line that enables ease of printability and clean printing results. After extensive testing, our Euro PLA line proves it can stand up to the most critical applications. Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a quality filament that can be used for your 3D printing applications with ease. Unlike other filament types, Euro PLA is made from biodegradable materials which are great for the environment. This PLA is also compatible with every FDM 3D printer brand and the tight tolerances make this an excellent choice for all your 3d printing needs.

Filament made from NatureWorks specialized Ingeo PLA grades for 3D printing deliver properties and performance not found in other raw materials or PLA's

Nature looks at greenhouse gases, like atmospheric carbon, as a feedstock, a raw material. It’s what trees, plants, or coral reefs are made from. At NatureWorks, they like to say that Mother Nature was the first to get into additive manufacturing. Now, using 3D filament made from Ingeo and the right 3D printer, you get to do the same thing.

Key Benefits of NatureWorks 4043D

  • 190-230°C possible, sharp melting behavior
  • Very low emissions & studies show lower particulate count
  • Does not require a heated build chamber, but opportunity to leverage
  • Good fusing and build platform adhesion
  • Excellent, low shrink

Low Carbon Footprint

Low Carbon Footprint
Technical Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets

Yellow - 1.75mm Euro Silk PLA Filament - 1 kg

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