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Modix3D vs BigRep: Large Scale 3D Printer Must-Haves

3D printing is having a moment right now, with company after company churning out new printer models and features. Many consumers are getting lost among all the options, and who can blame anyone, really. It’s certainly overwhelming at first glance- or Google search. As you get deeper into the world of 3D printing, you may be considering purchasing a large-scale 3D printer. These devices are made to print huge items and parts, sometimes for industrial purposes. If you’re interested in buying a large-scale 3D printer, this means that you need to understand and sort through even more information to make an informed decision. Before you get too stressed about considering all the factors to make a purchase, let me jump in. I’ve studied the top large-scale 3D printers in the game and organized the top features and specifications that customers look for so that you can add some method to...

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